LEDESMA PETROLEUM INTERNACIONAL FAMILY GROUP is a family business holding based in Argentina, descendants of a founding generation of Santiago del Estero since 1600, heirs of a pre-Columbian culture and identity.

The family holding is composed of ten companies and expanding in various fields of national and international business field.

The conglomerate employer has been fully established with domestic capital, with more than five decades of experience in the international market and serving as consultants, oil traders, suppliers of goods and services, technologies, distributors, manufacturers, investment and finance, affected the industries: oil, gas, transport, storage of fuels, alternative energy, food and communications.

All member companies of LEDESMA PETROLEUM INTERNACIONAL FAMILY GROUP, are composed of professionals dedicated to carrying out successful technology projects, basic engineering, development and operation applied to each of their companies according to their objectives and strategies.

The business group also has developed know-how with successful results in the transformation of diesel / gasoline engines OTTO cycle (CNG), both stationary and mobile, biodiesel, biogas, hydrogen fuel and development and industrialization of ultralight cylinders to store gases under high pressures (medical and industrial gases).

Another of the objectives is to replace gas-liquid fuels (methane, propane, butane, biogas, hydrogen), wind, solar and application of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) to generate electricity and the production of oil, fully integrated process, ZERO SMOKE POLLUTION AND ZERO ZERO LANDFILL. High-art technology available for development and financing. Currently operating a pilot plant in Europe, processing 2,500 tonnes / day of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) generating 125 MWh / day and 600 m3/day of oil. Technology included in the Kyoto Protocol.

We have the know-how with innovative technology to the development and manufacture aerospace long-range missile, artillery and mobile armor, nuclear propulsion, with respect to defense and national security.
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